Back in the driving Seat

Overcoming the fear of driving after accidents

Driving Phobia?

If so, you are like thousands of others who develop fear of car travel after accidents.

One in three accident survivors will experience some form of driving phobia. If you are no longer relaxed in the car, avoid busy roads, or unable to face the motorway, Back in the Driving Seat can help you get back to confident driving. Written by Sian Thrasher, chartered clinical psychologist and specialist in treating emotional reactions to trauma, this easy to read guide will help you to help yourself to rebuild confidence in the car.

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Driving Phobia book, Back in the Driving Seat
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Self-help book

Driving Phobia self-help, how does this work?

Read case-studies of people who have been successfully treated using this book.

Jonathan had been in a road traffic accident involving a collision with a lorry. In the 2 years since the accident he had managed returning to driving, but remained unable to tolerate motorway driving ā€“ or busy roads where he would encounter lorries... more driving phobia case studies

Clara had been in a road traffic accident with her mother and both had sustained serious injuries. When the physical injuries were recovered, she remained fearful driving on country roads, and would avoid driving wherever possible.... more driving phobia case studies

Since his road traffic accident, Derek had experienced regular panic attacks while driving. Several times per week, he would feel tense and hot in the car, and ... more driving phobia case studies

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Driving Phobia book, is this for me?

Written for use by therapists and by individuals to overcome their driving phobia.

Driving phobia is characterised by a marked fear of driving or travelling as a passenger in a car, coupled with avoidance of driving and/or car travel.

Driving phobia may be associated with specific types of driving situations only, such as motorways, or country lanes, or with fear of traffic jams, or driving at night. When driving phobia is interfering with your ability to engage in activities and go to places you used to enjoy, this is the time to start to do something about it. And Back in the Driving Seat can help.

Back in the Driving seat has been very successfully used as a treatment tool for therapists working with people with driving phobia,... more driving phobia is this for me

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Praise for Back in the Driving Seat

Read what survivors have said after using Back in the Driving Seat:

"It made me realise that Iā€™m not the only one (with fears)." Simon ā€“ road crash survivor used Back in the Driving Seat to overcome fear of driving at night.more from driving phobia patients

Read what therapists have said:

"I am a therapist and I consider Dr. Thrasher's book "Back in the Driving Seat" to be the best book of its kind. It is my "bible" and I use it weekly ..." more from driving phobia therapists

Read what reviewers have said:

"Undoubtedly this is going to be a valuable book ā€“ to many people ... with the kind of sensitivity and understanding that comes with long experience" Gillian Butler more driving phobia reviews

Sian Thrasher author of Driving Phobia book

About the Authors

Sian Thrasher MSc. Clin Psych., PhD

Dr Sian Thrasher is a consultant clinical psychologist, specialised in the assessment and treatment of emotional reactions to accidents and other traumas. She is an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, having treated over 300 driving phobics, and has trained numbers of CBT therapists in the field. Director of CBT Networks Ltd - a nationwide network of CBT therapists - she has presented her work at national and international conferences, lectures at the University of Reading, and to Personal Injury Lawyers across the UK.

"Sian Thrasher is one of those energetic, enthusiastic and highly skilled people who always responds warmly and sensitively to the difficulties of others. She is immensely experienced in helping people following accidents on the road, and has worked successfully with all age groups, and with people who have suffered widely different kinds of distressing experiences. Writing this book means that many more people will be able to benefit from her wisdom and experience."Gillian Butler, Fellow of the British Psychological Society